Lost and Found

This morning, I woke up to discover my wallet lying on the floor at the foot of my bed.

The same wallet that I'd given up for lost the day before.
The wallet that I was so sure I'd lost, that I'd cancelled all the bank cards and credit cards I'd kept in it.

Better safe than sorry, I'd told myself, even though I balked a little when told that reissuing my credit cards after cancelling them could take up to three weeks.

And now, I realized, it had all been for nothing.

The wallet lay on the floor as if mocking me.
And not eight inches from the pile on the floor where I'd upended my bag in my frantic search for it the previous evening. Had I simply overlooked it? It just didn't seem possible.

Resisting the urge to kick it, I took picked it up gingerly and took it downstairs to show my mother.

She was remarkable calm about it. "Flew back in the night, I expect, " was her take on the situation. "You had that charm on it after all, didn't you?"

Yes, the charm. I'd tied a little charm in the shape of an owl on to my wallet, more as an anti-theft device than anything else. The bell inside it jangled loudly whenever I touched it (my co-workers teased me about sounding like Santa Claus) and I'd thought it a great deterrent for any would-be thief or pickpocket.
(Which was why I'd been doubly upset the previous night. I was so sure that no one could have nicked it)

"Which shrine was that charm from, anyway?" she asked me. I could no longer tell, the name of the shrine having rubbed off the back in the months since I'd attached it. "You got it for me, remember?" I asked. That seemed to trigger her memory. "Oh yes, that one was from the Amano-Iwato Shrine. No wonder it was able to fly back on its own; that shrine houses a powerful god." Then she added, "This was a warning. Don't keep your wallet lying around in the cloakroom at work anymore!"

I really don't know what to think. Unlike my mother, I'm not really a believer. Had I simply left the wallet at home, and then overlooked it when I got home? Had the thing really flown home? Had some zashiki-warashi hidden it from me as a lark? Are such things possible anyway? Or was this simply a sign that I was overworked, exhausted, and in dire need of a vacation?

The only thing I know is that I won't be buying anything for a while on Amazon, at least not until I get my credit cards sorted out again. (I wonder if I'll still be able to hang on to all those miles I earned.) I probably won't be going shopping for clothes either, since I dislike carrying around a lot of cash.
And maybe I'll follow my mother's advice and take to carrying my wallet around with me at work.

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ここに入るのかぁとか。(I had all been for nothingのallとbeenの位置)

Posted by hotspring at 2006年08月08日 20:36
Posted by ニコ at 2006年08月10日 01:20
hotspring さん、ニコさん、

本当は日本語の対訳か、せめて注釈をつけるつもりだったのが、面倒になって放置してしまったのですが、必要なかったみたいですね (^^)


Posted by EnglishMaster at 2006年08月11日 00:02
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